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Medialliance is a specialized agency in strategy and media placements. In today’s media world which increasingly fragmented, it guarantees your advertising creatives, the agency’s know-how garanties the best media platforms to get your message through an effective omni channel, in order to reach all of your marketing targets.

Media is constantly changing. To stand out and ensure optimal ROI, investments must be optimized on a continuous basis according to the defined and measured KPIs.

We’re on your side

Our agency's priority is to actively listen, because a perfect understanding of the needs of yours business objectives is the cornerstone of any good media strategy.

Your success is our priority, and our source of motivation. It is in this spirit that the entire Medialliance team works seamlessly throughout the process.

We are here for you.


Strategic planning

At Medialliance, strategic planning is more than a job—it’s a labour of love!

  • We’ll help you define your communication objectives and make sure your expectations are realistic.

  • We’ll develop a coherent and representative message for your brand.

  • We’ll deploy an integrated communication approach to ensure consumers have a positive perception of your company, brand, and products.

Media planning and analytical research

We’ll help you do things you never thought possible!

  • Medialliance will find the best media medley to deliver your advertising message for increased impact and a better ROI.

  • We’ll orchestrate the actions of each media and maximize their synergy with your target audiences.

  • We’ll use qualitative and quantitative research to draw a portrait of your current and future consumers.

  • We’ll identify their buying behaviour.

  • We’ll put the brand’s corporate footprint into perspective.

  • We’ll analyze consumer behaviour, identify their interests, and choose the best channels for reaching them.

  • We’ll introduce an integrated media strategy that includes the following: television, radio, OOH, print (dailies and magazines), digital (banners, videos, SEO and SEM, programmatic buying, mobile, and social media), direct marketing

  • We’ll analyze media proposals and objectively recommend the best partners.

Media buying, optimization, and reports

We’ve got all your bases covered!

At Medialliance, we always have our finger on the pulse to get you the best of what’s out there, all the while keeping in mind the strategy that was chosen to reach your objectives.

  • We’ll find you the best rates.

  • We’ll be fully transparent in producing a detailed calendar of your media placements.

  • We’ll optimize your campaigns in real time to ensure they’re as effective as they can be.

  • We’ll conduct regular follow-ups on your campaigns and give you post-campaign reports.